QB Draft Values

Oakland Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr throws a pass
Photo By U.S. Air Force/Louis Briscese – 180807-F-LI975-0295, Public Domain, Link

Unlike the stock market, past performance of quarter backs in fantasy football is a predictor of future outcomes.  There are several QBs currently going above or below their value in fantasy drafts based on 2017’s numbers.

Consistent scoring week to week is where QBs are valuable in fantasy. I like having that position locked on a 15 point average in order to spend my waivers or trades on other positions. Lets look past some of the preseason hype, and let the data show some interesting outliers that could matter on your roster.

By the numbers

The chart below plots 2017 QB fantasy points and their correlated 2018 average draft position gathered from Fantasy Pros.

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Draft Order Strategy

As a fantasy football draft newbie, I made a lot of mistakes. I leaned on my limited knowledge of players and took only names I recognized without research. I took a QB in round two, and grabbed the defense I rooted for in round three.  My fantasy team did not win the trophy that year.

What Position When

I managed to make the playoffs, but only by changing out the entire roster through waivers and trades and being lucky enough to find a few sleepers.  Going into this year, I hope to draft the sleepers I anticipate to have a breakout year.

In order to do so, I’m following the position-to-draft-round strategy for my standard 12 team league shown below.

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Practice using a Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Why participate in a mock draft?

This is your first time participating the fantasy football league in the office, and you have no idea what to expect in the draft. Participating in a mock will help you prepare and start your seasons off right.

You want to get a sense of which players are more valuable during specific rounds, so you’re not wasting your second round pick on a kicker. Seeing how draft position impacts your choice will keep you from missing out on a good QB in the 5th or 6th round.

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